May as well post the other Persona: Trinity Soul DVD covers. If only Amazon had large versions instead of just vol.9 & 10.

EDIT: Included the last two for the sake of completing the set even though I posted them separately.

C O M I N G    2 0 1 5


Lots of interesting stuff here. Bullying problem, a death in some kind of room, dangerous driving incidents, falsified evidence, tax raises, people going on rampages.


Persona 5 Main Character from Pre-TGS Sony Conference


Inspired by episode 20’s Japanese preview, in which Shiroe comes to the rescue due to “Minori’s heartbroken SOS”.
SOS = Save Our Ship.
Our Ship = Rudy/Isuzu.

Using this logic, it is obvious that Minori called upon the force of Shiroe to save Rudy because, aside from him being a friend, she needs her OTP alive and well.


New official information for Log Horizon S2!

October 4 is the confirmed airdate. (Ya’ll knew that already.)

Yun*chi will be returning to play the ED with her new upcoming single, Wonderful Wonder World. (I knew that thanks to some Japanese merchandise sites, but there wasn’t any official confirmation until now.)

The Kunie clan’s mastermind financial master, Kinjo, will be voiced by Tsubasa Yonaga. I think he’s the voice of Nagisa from Free!

One of D.D.D.’s Drei Klauen, the proud high school student Rieze, will be voiced by Rie Murakawa. (She appeared in episode 9 and episode 20 of S1)

The nimble Cleric and self-proclaimed Galaxy Idol, Tetora, will be voiced by Yukiyo Fujii.


Log Horizon Fun Fact #201:

Takayama Misa’s scythe, Calamity Hearts, has the ability to fold up when not in use.

It’s a pretty rare weapon that’s highly popular due to its design and its high critical hit rate.


Rampant glasses adjusting: the anime

[high res]

Source: 4chan(?)